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Welcome to this week’s Backstage @ Deer Creek Newsletter! As always, we appreciate all of you and are fortunate to have your support. It’s the daily interactions we have with each of you, whether it’s buying a few pints, sharing a few laughs, taking a few awkward photos with each other, that encourages us to continue doing what we do. One of the nicest things you can do is encourage your friends and family to sign up for our newsletter. It’s real simple. Just share this link with them!

On tap for this week:

  • One-Off Wednesday
  • Brewery Talk – including new beer!
  • Trivia Update
  • Ticket Giveaway
  • Upcoming events you can find us at

One-Off Wednesday

You all seemed to like the Orange Deerfly IPA last week. It was gone in less than 24 hours. Well done, thirsty friends! Next up for One-Off Wednesday will be a Peanut Butter Brown Ale! Made with Reese’s Peanut Butter chips, this beer won’t last long. Be sure to get it before it’s gone!

Brewery Talk

We’ll be kegging new batches of both Dirty Helen Brown Ale and Sheet Metal Blonde this week. We have a Hazy Wheat in the fermenter and will follow that up with Le Tripp! Le Tripp is our Belgian Tripel. It’s typically a big ABV beer and one of our personal favorites. Can’t wait!

Thursday Night Trivia

Six teams competed in last week’s trivia. Team Topanga came close to unseating Spaceballs the Trivia Team, but Spaceballs claimed the top prize for another week. On top of the normal Trivia Night prizes, we have a special giveaway this week. More on that below! Below are the team standings as of May 10:

  1. Spaceballs the Trivia Team – 465
  2. Dario – 375
  3. Shrute Farms – 340
  4. Topanga – 210
  5. Side Boob – 69
  6. 9″ Males – 58
  7. Frotver Baggams – 57
  8. I Hate Minivans – 54
  9. Cersei’s Elephants – 43
  10. Cheeks & Thongs – 29
  11. Fly Swatters – 19
  12. 95 Jeep Wrangler 4 Sale – 4

Ticket Giveaway

We’re excited to have tickets to see Cecil Magic at the Logan Street Sanctuary this Friday, May 17. Magician Josh Cecil is a teacher at Noblesville High School and has been performing both magic and stand-up comedy for many years now. He gave us a small preview of his talents this past Friday in the tap room. Talented and entertaining, you will have a great time. Even if you don’t win these tickets, you should still buy your own and support him. Please visit his website to learn more about Cecil and to book him for your own private events!


Cheers to everyone who braved the chilly and damp weather this past Saturday at Rock the Junction 2019! We always enjoy seeing everyone and there were many delicious beers available from every brewery in attendance. As we get into the heart of summer, be sure to follow our Facebook page to see the various beer festivals and events we’ll be pouring at! Below are just a few that you’ll see us at soon!

  • Pours for Paws – Friday, May 31st
  • History On Tap – Friday, May 31st
  • Noblesville Street Dance – Saturday, June 1st
  • Rushville Libations – Saturday, July 13th
  • Indiana Microbrewers Festival – Saturday, July 27th
  • and many more!!

Backstage @ Deer Creek

Exciting times going on at the brewery! Dirty Helen and Sheet Metal Blonde are in the fermenters now. We have a new beer to brew. More about that to come. And we may also see the return of the Tripel!

Brewery Talk

So many variables go into the brewing of beer. As brewers, it is imperative to keep batch notes detailing specifics about each brew, each grain, hop, substitute, whatever. An area we’ve tried to focus on more recently is Specific Gravity. Trying to keep it simple, specific gravity measures the density of beer wort. In beer wort, sugar content provides most of the density. This is important, because sugar is what the yeast eats to create alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Specific gravity is measured both before fermentation and after. This is referred to as Original Gravity (OG) and Final Gravity (FG). The higher initial OG, the higher Alcohol by Volume (ABV) a beer will be. We have noticed that a few of our brews haven’t quite hit the ABV targets that our recipe calls for. After reviewing our data and revisiting best practices, we noticed we were rushing the sparging process during our brew days. The sparging process is when hot water is run thru the grain bed and the sweet, sugary wort is collected in the kettle. Long story short, we’re slowing that process down and are now seeing OG numbers that are more in line with our targets. Perhaps in a future post, I’ll describe more of the sparging process.

TLDR: Our beers are going to begin hitting the higher ABV numbers that our recipes call for. Cheers to bigger beers!!

One-Off Wednesdays

We hope you’ve enjoyed our One-Off Wednesdays! We’re getting good feedback. We’re working to provide even bigger flavor in our beers. An Orange Deerfly, Hazy Mango, Tiramisu Java Stout and Strawberry Apricot Wheat are a few of the variants we have coming soon. Pay attention to our Facebook and Twitter pages on Tuesdays to learn about that week’s variant.

Trivia Update

Thursday Trivia continues to be one of our favorite nights! We have a great group of regulars and new players are always welcome each week. Below are the team standings as of May 3rd.

  1. Spaceballs the Trivia Team – 397
  2. Dario – 325
  3. Shrute Farms – 292
  4. Topanga – 149
  5. Side Boob – 69
  6. Frotver Baggams – 57
  7. I Hate Minivans – 54
  8. Cersei’s Elephants – 43
  9. Cheeks & Thongs – 29
  10. 95 Jeep Wrangler 4 Sale – 4

Saturday, April 6th – One-Off Wednesdays!!!

Welcome to Backstage @ Deer Creek!

We appreciate everyone who has signed up so far. Hopefully you enjoy the cheesecake. And if you bring some in to share, we’ll happily help you eat it! Today’s VIP pass lets you know about:

  • One-Off Wednesdays
  • Sour Candy IPA
  • Free Hamilton 16 IMAX movie tickets
  • Trivia Season Update
  • Feature on Everyone’s favorite bartender – Brock Chapman

One-Off Wednesdays

What is One-Off Wednesdays? Easy! Every Wednesday, we’re going to release a single 1/6 barrel of a unique beer. It could be a Deer Creek favorite with some additional flavor added. It could be an extreme small batch brew. One-Off Wednesdays allows us to do some experimenting and get feedback for possible larger releases. But beware! 1/6 barrels are only good for about 40 pints, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! One-Off Wednesday brews not available for carryout.

Sour Candy IPA

We’re excited for One-Off Wednesdays and look forward to seeing you all here! For this Wednesday, the release will be a Sour Candy IPA. The blend of tart sweetness and hops is alluring and not to be missed!

Free Movie Tickets

In addition to our first One-Off Wednesday on April 10th, we are also going to raffle off 2 pairs of Movie Tickets to the Hamilton Town Center Imax! Every beer purchased between 5:00 and 7:30 earns you a raffle ticket that will be entered to win a pair of passes. Brock will draw the winners at approximately 7:30. Must be present to win. The passes are good for any movie, just not valid for the first two weeks of a movie’s release. While there, enjoy a refreshing Nickel Plate Apricot Wheat, available at their beer station in the main lobby!

Trivia Season Update

Thursday Nights at Deer Creek Brewery is Trivia Night! It’s always a great time. Bring a team of 2-5 people and match wits. Below are the team standings (As of 4/4):

  1. Spaceballs the Trivia Team – 69 Points
  2. I Hate Minivans – 54 Points
  3. Shrute Farms- 50 Points
  4. Topanga – 42 Points
  5. Dario – 37 Points

Get to know Brock!

There are many different roles here at Deer Creek, but definitely the most social, public facing role is bartender. Almost everyone (99.9999998%) who has visited our tap room has met the man, Brock Chapman.

Brock has been the Tap Room Manager since day 2 of Deer Creek Brewery’s existence. He is a California native who moved to the area in 2014. Sour beers and IPA’s are his favorite types of beers. He enjoys the periodic wager and is always up for a game of pool at Barley Island.

Come say hi!

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Java Stout Cheesecake by Barley Island

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