Backstage @ Deer Creek

Exciting times going on at the brewery! Dirty Helen and Sheet Metal Blonde are in the fermenters now. We have a new beer to brew. More about that to come. And we may also see the return of the Tripel!

Brewery Talk

So many variables go into the brewing of beer. As brewers, it is imperative to keep batch notes detailing specifics about each brew, each grain, hop, substitute, whatever. An area we’ve tried to focus on more recently is Specific Gravity. Trying to keep it simple, specific gravity measures the density of beer wort. In beer wort, sugar content provides most of the density. This is important, because sugar is what the yeast eats to create alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Specific gravity is measured both before fermentation and after. This is referred to as Original Gravity (OG) and Final Gravity (FG). The higher initial OG, the higher Alcohol by Volume (ABV) a beer will be. We have noticed that a few of our brews haven’t quite hit the ABV targets that our recipe calls for. After reviewing our data and revisiting best practices, we noticed we were rushing the sparging process during our brew days. The sparging process is when hot water is run thru the grain bed and the sweet, sugary wort is collected in the kettle. Long story short, we’re slowing that process down and are now seeing OG numbers that are more in line with our targets. Perhaps in a future post, I’ll describe more of the sparging process.

TLDR: Our beers are going to begin hitting the higher ABV numbers that our recipes call for. Cheers to bigger beers!!

One-Off Wednesdays

We hope you’ve enjoyed our One-Off Wednesdays! We’re getting good feedback. We’re working to provide even bigger flavor in our beers. An Orange Deerfly, Hazy Mango, Tiramisu Java Stout and Strawberry Apricot Wheat are a few of the variants we have coming soon. Pay attention to our Facebook and Twitter pages on Tuesdays to learn about that week’s variant.

Trivia Update

Thursday Trivia continues to be one of our favorite nights! We have a great group of regulars and new players are always welcome each week. Below are the team standings as of May 3rd.

  1. Spaceballs the Trivia Team – 397
  2. Dario – 325
  3. Shrute Farms – 292
  4. Topanga – 149
  5. Side Boob – 69
  6. Frotver Baggams – 57
  7. I Hate Minivans – 54
  8. Cersei’s Elephants – 43
  9. Cheeks & Thongs – 29
  10. 95 Jeep Wrangler 4 Sale – 4