Saturday, April 6th – One-Off Wednesdays!!!

Welcome to Backstage @ Deer Creek!

We appreciate everyone who has signed up so far. Hopefully you enjoy the cheesecake. And if you bring some in to share, we’ll happily help you eat it! Today’s VIP pass lets you know about:

  • One-Off Wednesdays
  • Sour Candy IPA
  • Free Hamilton 16 IMAX movie tickets
  • Trivia Season Update
  • Feature on Everyone’s favorite bartender – Brock Chapman

One-Off Wednesdays

What is One-Off Wednesdays? Easy! Every Wednesday, we’re going to release a single 1/6 barrel of a unique beer. It could be a Deer Creek favorite with some additional flavor added. It could be an extreme small batch brew. One-Off Wednesdays allows us to do some experimenting and get feedback for possible larger releases. But beware! 1/6 barrels are only good for about 40 pints, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! One-Off Wednesday brews not available for carryout.

Sour Candy IPA

We’re excited for One-Off Wednesdays and look forward to seeing you all here! For this Wednesday, the release will be a Sour Candy IPA. The blend of tart sweetness and hops is alluring and not to be missed!

Free Movie Tickets

In addition to our first One-Off Wednesday on April 10th, we are also going to raffle off 2 pairs of Movie Tickets to the Hamilton Town Center Imax! Every beer purchased between 5:00 and 7:30 earns you a raffle ticket that will be entered to win a pair of passes. Brock will draw the winners at approximately 7:30. Must be present to win. The passes are good for any movie, just not valid for the first two weeks of a movie’s release. While there, enjoy a refreshing Nickel Plate Apricot Wheat, available at their beer station in the main lobby!

Trivia Season Update

Thursday Nights at Deer Creek Brewery is Trivia Night! It’s always a great time. Bring a team of 2-5 people and match wits. Below are the team standings (As of 4/4):

  1. Spaceballs the Trivia Team – 69 Points
  2. I Hate Minivans – 54 Points
  3. Shrute Farms- 50 Points
  4. Topanga – 42 Points
  5. Dario – 37 Points

Get to know Brock!

There are many different roles here at Deer Creek, but definitely the most social, public facing role is bartender. Almost everyone (99.9999998%) who has visited our tap room has met the man, Brock Chapman.

Brock has been the Tap Room Manager since day 2 of Deer Creek Brewery’s existence. He is a California native who moved to the area in 2014. Sour beers and IPA’s are his favorite types of beers. He enjoys the periodic wager and is always up for a game of pool at Barley Island.

Come say hi!